Unleashed power and passion

The Lamborghini Urus with its 4-liter V8 biturbo engine and 666 hp and 850 Nm is anything but tame, even in its production version. But our engineers ignite even more fire and passion. Thus, the Urus, Urus S and Urus Performante unmistakably become the Urus Scatenato, which translated from Italian, means something like "unleashed" or "raging wild." And it's more than just a visual factor.

Limited to 99 units, the "super" utility vehicle now unleashes an untamed 840 hp* and 1000 Nm thanks to ABT Power R technology, including ABT turbocharger and intercooler. 3-year warranty to the extent of the manufacturer's warranty up to 100,000 km are of course included.

* Consumption values in l/100 km (the indicated consumption values refer to the production vehicle URUS S): combined: 14,1; CO2 emissions combined: 320 g/km.

ABT Urus Scatenato
in numbers

Series (Urus S) Urus Scatenato (base Urus S)
Power 666 HP 840 HP
  490 kW 618 kW
Torque 850 Nm 1,000 Nm
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 3.5 sec 3.1 sec
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Its exterior is also untamed

Preserving the special character of the Lamborghini and emphasizing its wildness even more through unerring accents - that's what our designers and engineers dedicated themselves to. And the result is truly impressive in the ABT Urus Scatenato.

Together with the ABT HIGH Performance IRL23 rims in glossy black, the numerous ABT visible carbon elements hint at the unbridled power that just needs to be unleashed with a press of the gas pedal.

The fighting bull among SUVs

The look of the Urus Scatenato is also wild and untamed. This starts in the engine compartment, where the engine compartment trim and release as well as the engine cover gleam in glossy exposed carbon.

Even more important to the eye, however, is the aerodynamics, which are also finished in glossy visible carbon. The front hood and fender attachments, front spoiler with center blade as well as rear wing with aeroblades and rear skirt insert, door moldings, fender extensions, rear skirt insert and last but not least the exhaust system with 4-pipe titanium tailpipe trims with perforated inner pipe and Urus design elements in matte black and a diameter of 105 mm generate the appropriate awe in the observer.

With its 23-inch forged wheels of the type ABT HIGH Performance IRL23 in glossy black specially tuned for it, the ABT Urus Scatenato presents itself as a coherent and impressive overall package.

The interior, which is also finished with glossy or also optional matte exposed carbon, with ABT gearshift panel trim, seat frame trim, gearshift knob cap and mirror triangle cover, not only reflects the wildness, but also the exclusivity and luxury of the SUV. Door entry lighting and the ABT emblem strip with the Scatenato "1 of 99" lettering provide a fitting welcome as soon as you get in.



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