High Performance HR glossy black for many Audis and VW Touareg

The High Performance Wheels from ABT Sportsline combine an attractive size with lightweight construction and amazing designs. Now, the company is…

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New SQ7 TFSI receives ABT aero packages and alloy wheels

Aero package meets Aero wheels: ABT Sportsline offers stylish sportswear for the new Audi SQ7 with the 507 HP (373 kW) 4.0 TFSI. Several other wheel…

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ABT RSQ8-R reaches 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds – 740 HP and 920 Nm

Super cars are widely regarded as the peak of sportiness. In everyday life, however, this type of vehicle doesn't perfom that brilliantly. As a better…

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ABT boosts SUV coupé to 370 HP and adds attractive wheels

With the Formentor, CUPRA designed a very dynamic SUV. On this platform, ABT Sportsline's engineers realised a performance upgrade from 310 HP (228…

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190 HP for just EUR 999: the new ABT Engine Control Power

The new ABT Engine Control Power demonstrates how much potential the 1.5-litre TSI has to offer. Hard- and software quality of the high-tech control…

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More power for the compact ABT boosts the S3 to a befitting 370 hp and 450 Nm

More than 20 years ago, Audi began its quest for the "sporty compact" with the S3: In 1999 – three years after the A3 went into production – the then…

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ABT High Performance Wheels up to 40 % lighter thanks to flowforming and forging technology

19, 20, 22 or even 23 inches? The trend for large rims continues and is further fueled by the SUV boom. After all, they have to be in proportion to…

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SUV coupé with impressive sound - ABT equips Audi RS Q8 with cool exhaust system and 23-inch rims

After a strictly limited edition of the Audi RS Q8, ABT Sportsline now also offers more thrilling individual options for the cool SUV. The new…

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The new standard for compact sports estates - ABT RS4-S impresses with 510 hp and comprehensive aero package

ABT Sportsline presents the special edition ABT RS4-S. This power estate features 510 hp (375 kW), a comprehensive aero package, 21-inch wheels,…

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Hybrid power in perfect form - ABT gives Audi Q5 TFSI e 425 hp and an aero package

Hybrid technology is skillfully combining the advantages of a combustion engine and an electric motor. This is also true when it comes to sportive…

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