Performance and elegance combined - ABT Sportsline presents the new RS7-S special model with 720 hp

With the introduction of the latest special model, ABT Sportsline has added another high-performance complete vehicle to the S-model range. The 720 hp…

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Sophisticated compact from the Allgäu vehicle tuner ABT RS3-S as Sportback and Saloon with 460 hp

ABT is not only a hit with fans of customised vehicle refinement, but also with those who appreciate perfectly tuned and sophisticated complete…

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"An electric yacht in a class of its own" ABT and Marian jointly develop the electric sports boat ABT | Marian M 800-R, limited to 20 units and with a power output of up to 450 kW

The company is particularly proud of this premiere: in collaboration with the Austrian specialist for electric yachts, ABT Sportsline dares to take…

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On the safe side with ABT Sportsline. The Allgäu-based vehicle tuner offers up to five years warranty for engine tuning

ABT not only plays in the premier league when it comes to engine tuning, but is also at the forefront when it comes to warranty services. The new…

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The road-legal racing car - the ABT XGT: "The quintessence of our heritage"

Super sports cars are an exciting and highly emotional world of their own. Only racing cars can give you even more goose bumps. With the XGT, ABT…

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Elegance meets power: Exclusive special model ABT Urus Scatenato limited to 99 units

With the 666 horsepower-strong Performante, Lamborghini introduced an impressive evolutionary stage of its power-packed SUV, the Urus. Now ABT…

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Innovative technology from ABT Sportsline for even more power: Up to 1000 hp for the special models Audi RS 6 and RS 7 Legacy Edition

True to the adage that standing still is going backwards, ABT Sportsline, the world's largest tuner of vehicles from the VW Group, has developed a new…

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If it could be a little more: ABT gives the Audi RS 3 a power injection and approaches the 500 hp mark

The Audi RS 3 is the most powerful representative of Audi's compact class. Last year ABT Sportsline turned up the heat on this model and gave it a…

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The special model ABT RS7 Legacy Edition: performance and charisma on a new level for the very highest demands

Only recently, ABT Sportsline, leading tuner for Audi and VW Group vehicles, presented the special model ABT RS6 Legacy Edition (LE). A…

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ABT RS6 Legacy Edition as limited "crowning glory of two decades of RS6 history"

ABT Sportsline, leading tuner for vehicles of the Audi and VW Group, inspires its fans time and again with extraordinary special models. The latest…

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